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Westgate Interiors

Web presence for Sri Lanka’s leading corporate interior design firm

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    Westgate Interiors

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Project Overview

Westgate Interiors is a 30+ year old business in Sri Lanka that provides modern and contemporary interior design solutions to businesses in the corporate, leisure and retail sector. With over 1000 clients and 2000+ high-profile projects under their belt, they are the leaders in the corporate interior design space in Sri Lanka.

Westgate Interiors partnered with Sketch to revamp their old website, which had outdated content, and which Westgate felt, did not showcase the true stature of their business and leadership. The overall mission was to build a brand new digital experience for the brand and reinforce a clear distinction as a leader among other companies in the same space.


Our Approach

The challenges & our approach

Showcase the experience and establish Westgate as the leader in corporate interior design space in Sri Lanka
We gathered data, in terms of the experience, completed projects, clientele, and highlighted these “big” numbers effectively on the website. Provide an insight into their leadership, process and facilities to show the true scale of the business, to attract new potential clients.
Showcase the Westgate approach to new potential clients
Featured the approach by showing the detailed steps of how Westgate handles their projects. Show examples of before and after images of past projects to show Westgate’s unique value proposition of providing excellent 3D interior modelling and their attention to detail in bringing these projects to life.
Showcase their projects in a simple yet effective way
Organized photographic sessions to shoot Westgate’s newest projects to showcase the true scale of them. Embedded these images to the digital experience by utilizing the available viewport real estate on the website to the best possible extent.
Showcase the manufacturing capabilities in the most effective way
Defined USPs for the manufacturing arm of Westgate Interiors. Set up a dedicated landing page to show these USPs, images of manufacturing facilities and embedded videos to provide a more intimate onsite experience of the 50,000 square feet factory.


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